Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy Statement

We are aware how difficult it is to communicate anything new to a closed mindset, whether it be an individual or an organisation. We endeavour to maintain an attitude that allows new ideas and influences to flourish and to contribute to our wealth, in order to avoid acquiring such a mindset ourselves.

Building a team with different perceptions and skillsets will benefit our business.

A rich society has a healthy mix of culture, religion, art, music, literature and cuisine. It is inclusive not simply tolerant. We are aware that some perceived disabilities are in fact different abilities and may contribute to a multi-faceted team.

Everyone in our organisation will have an equal opportunity to prosper, where differences and contributions are recognised and valued. Our working environment will offer dignity and respect for each employee regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity, paternity, race, nationality, ethnic origin or disability whether visible or not so.

No one should feel bullied, harassed or intimidated.

New team members will be selected for their integrity, shared values and the contribution they may make in the hope that their work will empower them and not limit them.

We realise that Diversity, Equality and Inclusion are easier to manage in a small organisation such as ours and that further controls may be necessary as we grow. We will continue to review and improve.


Mark Brooks