Mudtech Tank Division gains UK patent on BlueRinse® technology

Mudtech Tank Division is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a patent for their innovative BlueRinse® technology.

The first application of this patented technology is their product, Nappy Sack, which is part of the BlueRinse® Textile Range. Launched in 2020, the Nappy Sack makes concrete washout much easier. It is a self-dosing bag which separates the solids, automatically reducing the pH of the water. Engineered with an oil adsorbent liner, which filters down to 20 microns, the fabric also contains Mudtech pH Blue, which is released into the water as it passes through the wall. The collected water will have a pH of approximately 8.5.

 The Nappy Sack is just one of the ground breaking products in Mudtech Tank Divisions growing range, aimed at making concrete washout safer and easier.

 On being awarded the patent, Mark Brooks, Managing Director said; ‘We were delighted to receive confirmation of the patent for our BlueRinse® technology, following years of research and development with the product. We are constantly investigating new ideas, and Mudtech’s pragmatic approach to problem solving, combined with our intuitive and holistic approach to risk assessment, and considering impacts to safety, quality and our shared environment, enables us to deliver cost effective solutions.”  

 Further information about Mudtech and their range of products can be found here at our shop, or can be contacted on 01785 600389

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