BlueRinse in site designated Washout area

Newark North Midland Barhale JV.

This £60 million Flood Alleviation Project for Severn Trent Water included 5K of 2.85 id Segmental EPBM tunnel, approx. 2K of 1200 and 1500mm id Micro-tunnel and a twin 600mm rail crossing.

A BlueRinse Concrete Washout unit was used in order to safely manage deliveries of concrete, notably achieving 70 chute washes in one day using just one Nappy Sack. Washwater was recycled for the whole project with no need to discharge.

Mudtech also assisted with treatment of high pH water arising from the tunnelling operations using pH Blue. We provided lubricants, flocculants and DryAdd in order to support safe production with low negative environmental impact.

    Site Washdown
    BlueRinse at Cardif Hospital_sm

    Donald Hayes & Sons Ltd

    One of numerous sites Donald Hayes & Sons have deployed their BlueRinse. Their Cardiff Hospital job was particularly challenging due to the highly confined work area. BlueRinse enabled chutes to be swung away from the pump, quickly washed before stowage and wagon exchange.

    “Since implementing the BlueRinse concrete washout system onto all of our sites we have been very impressed with its performance and usability. Hazardous concrete washout is no longer an issue for us and we have received very encouraging feedback from clients who have been impressed with its environmental capabilities.”

    James Hayes
    Director, Donal Hayes & Sons Ltd.