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Concrete Washout Systems for concrete, grout & cement equipment.

Concrete Washout Solutions provided by BlueRinse

Environmental awareness of the high pH hazard caused when mixing concrete, grouts and cements with wash water has increased in recent years. Containing and accumulating the wash water mix creates an even more significant health hazard to site workers. Wash water can be either treated and discharged on-site or shipped off-site as a waste product.  Our BlueRinse Concrete Washout System has been developed to help workers on all sizes of construction sites treat, recycle and re-use their wash water to avoid hazardous storage and costly accumulation.

The BlueRinse range is continually expanding to suit new applications but the fundamental principles & benefits remain the same:

  • Capture wash water to avoid direct discharge to environment.
  • Separate solids from water to minimise pH reaction.
  • Recycle the water for reuse.
  • Treat high alkalinity with pH/BLUE (no CO2 or acidics).
  • Enhances operator safety.
  • Unlimited wash capacity.
  • Keeps site tidy.
  • Hire or Purchase options.




Concrete washout area

“I would happily recommend the BlueRinse Concrete Washout system that Mark Brooks has come up with at Mudtech! Manages the pH easily and much better than the other acid or CO2 options! Small unit that makes use of the recycled water which makes it easy to handle. Simple but clever! The best type of problem solving as far as I am concerned. Pretty sure he is hiring and selling these! Give him a buzz and he will help you out.”

Tom Kavanagh

Contracts Director, Delta Civil Engineering

“Since implementing the BlueRinse concrete washout system onto all of our sites we have been very impressed with its performance and usability. Hazardous concrete washout is no longer an issue for us and we have received very encouraging feedback from clients who have been impressed with its environmental capabilities.”

James Hayes

Director, Donal Hayes & Sons

“Mark Brooks is the highly innovative owner behind Mudtech, his latest offering the BlueRinse Concrete Washout System is another example of the imaginative approach to problem solving Mudtech brings to everything they do! By combining pH Control with easy solids handling and the ability to recycle wash-down water whilst dealing with the high pH risk during concreting operations he has solved one of the long standing problems that exists on most sites! I have had a long and fruitful working relationship with Mark and his business and can’t recommend his services highly enough!”

Graeme Monteith

Secretary, Pipe Jacking Association

‘Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we are with the Nappy Sack Frame we purchased from yourselves in November. It’s working exactly as expected, and our yard is a lot cleaner’

Mark Buckle

Managing Director, SPS Solutions

‘I’m happy to report that your NappySack concrete washout bags are performing really well in my dewatering set up, and are removing 99% of the silt. I will definitely consider using more of your bags in the future, and would have no hesitation in recommending them’

Jose Chicharro

Environmental Advisor, East West Rail Alliance