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BlueRinse Concrete Washout – Base Unit

High pH washwater arising from concreting activities is becoming a significant Environmental aspect. It is important that an Environmental risk is not simply converted into a Health and Safety hazard.

BlueRinse has been developed to avoid the high pH hazard (and associated burns risks) caused when combining or storing concrete, cements and grouts with washwater. It improves safety and reduces cost of washing down concrete chutes and equipment on-site.

BlueRinse is durable, easy to use and an ideal solution for confined or open work areas; avoid generating, storing or transporting hazardous wash waste.


  • Closed loop system, use BlueRinse hose to wash & recycle water indefinitely.
  • Less than 1m cubed to discharge or collect at the end of the job.
  • No hazardous water is generated, pH is reduced at the washdown stage.
  • Uses non-hazardous pH/BLUE to reduce alkalinity safely.
  • Simple to commission & operate.
  • 50-70+ chute washes per Nappy Sack , easily replaced when full.
  • Spare power outlet on Control Panel for pump accessories & small equipment.
  • UKCA/CE marked and robustly constructed.

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