pH Blue

pH Blue.  Developed by Mudtech’s Ian Morrison, pH Blue has been used on large infrastructure projects to protect our environment and keep the workforce safe for many years.

Safer than acidics and more convenient than CO2 treatment, pH Blue provides simple pH control to reduce the hazardous properties of water which has been in contact with green cement. Typically, concrete washwater will have a pH of 12-13. This is very dangerous and is likely to cause serious chemical burns and damage to eyes. pH Blue is safe to handle and store.

pH Blue is the “Blue” bit of our BlueRinse brand, vital for the safe recirculation of water in our recycling system and for safe discharge from our Nappy Sack Frames. It is the active ingredient in our BlueRinse Nappy Sacks and all our BlueRinse Textile Products range.

pH Blue is offered in the following formats

  • IBCs 1,150kg for fixed installations, treatment of lagoons, shaft sinking where a plug is set underwater etc
  • Drums 25kg for treatment of water in lined skips or top up to correct mishaps when using the BlueRinse Base Unit.
  • Boxes of 6 x 1 Litre bottles with pack of pH indicator strips for adjustment
  • Dissolving Blocks for treatment of a pumped water stream. These may be used in a Dosing Basket added to our Nappy Sack Frame.
  • BlueRinse Textile range.

M.S.D.S. for all pH Blue products available on request

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