Puppy Tub

Puppy Tub

Designed to support the Puppy’s Luggage this will contain 180 Litres of water which should equate to 9 chute washes. When it overflows then it is time to change the self-dosing sack and release the water through a valve at the back of the unit. There is enough pH Blue impregnated in the sack to treat 200 Litres of pH 13 water. this is virtually fail-safe.

The Puppy Tub will fit on a standard pallet and weigh just over 20kg, so it can be lifted by hand.

  • Filtration of coarse and fine particles from washwater
  • Self dosing of pH Blue to treat washwater pH
  • Reduced risk to operators, and the environment
  • Self supporting walls (stands up by itself)
  • Flexible and easy to squeeze under, around or through awkward equipment.
  • Easier to handle, transport and ship 
  • Ideal for mobile works equipment washout e.g. trackside
  • Great for washing out pumps 
  • Puppy Tub
    • Size: 1.08m x 1.10m x 0.3m (length x width x height)
    • Weight (empty): 20kg
  • Puppy’s Luggage Sack
    • Size: 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m (length x width x height)
    • Weight (empty): 3.5kg
  • Puppy’s Luggage Sled
    • Size: 600mm x 515mm x 165mm (length x width x height)
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Weight: 7.6kg
    • Sled holds sack 60mm off floor to enable water to drain


  • Box of 6 x 1ltr bottles of pH Blue with pack of pH indicator strips
  • BlueRinse Nappy Sacks 50+ chute wash solids to 1 tonne capacity of the Sack

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