DribblePot Range

Portable, small-scale separation and treatment for Construction, Agriculture and Industry.

Our innovative DribblePot Inserts are engineered to filter or treat small quantities of waste water and slurry.

DribblePot General-Filtration Insert

A low cost, fully biodegradable & disposable filtration Insert, with ‘Dribble’ flow. Designed to fit our range of DribblePots, it has many general applications and ideal for separating small amounts of solids from wash water, emptying buckets and tubs or de-watering slurry. Sold in packs of 10.


DribblePot Wheelbarrow

Our DribblePot Wheelbarrow is a stable container, facilitating easy transportation and emptying of solids, without the water. It can be used standalone or with our range of DribblePot Inserts. 

  • Wheelbarrow design to simply ‘tip-out’ waste solids (eases manual handling)
  • Dual wheels for stability
  • Variety of Inserts for different filtration or treatment applications
  • Puncture free tyres for maximum durability
  • Simple, no-faff, attachment of Inserts
  • Combine with the BlueRinse Washdown Tray to capture run-off for recycling or treatment.
  • Combine with the Washdown Tray and BlueRinse Base Unit to capture run-off and provide a re-circulating pressure wash facility.
Instructions & Quick Reference Guide . . .
  • Size: 1.27m x 0.62m x 0.78m (l x w x h)
  • Weight (empty): 20Kg
  • Basket lip height from ground: 0.54 m
  • Basket volume: 67 Litre
  • Site Handling: Manual
  • Finish: Galvanised basket, Powder coated frame
  1. General Filter Insert – low cost, low flow, biodegradable and disposable – separation of fine particles from a slurry, e.g. concrete wash water. Available in packs of 10.
  2. BlueRinse Washdown Tray – Capture wash water for recycling or disposal.
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