BlueRinse Washdown Tray

BlueRinse Washdown Tray enables operators to washout equipment into a ground-level tray, easily and efficiently. Suitable for skips, pumps and small site equipment; solids are easily shovelled out and the washwater pumped away for treatment or recycling. 

Used as a standalone tray or combined with the BlueRinse Base Unit for a closed loop power wash facility with re-circulating water and pH control.


  • Sump to enable a Submersible pump to discharge the water.
  • Ramped access & egress for use with hand-wheeled equipment.
  • Treadplate floor & ramps for anti-slip properties.
  • Useful as a general-purpose site tray.
  • Ideal to capture run-off from our DribblePot portable filtration system.
  • Complements our BlueRinse Base Unit to create a recycling power wash system with pH control
Drawings & Data Sheets . . .
  • Overall Size: 2.23m x 1.3m x 0.28m (l x w x h)
  • Weight (empty): 200Kg
  • Internal Floor Size: 1.1m x 1.25m (15cm walls)
  • Maximum Capacity (volume): 240 Litres
  • Maximum Capacity (weight): 250kg
  • Site Handling: Lifting or Fork Lift Truck.
  • Finish: Durable polyurethane paint
  1. 2” Submersible Pump & Hose Outlet Accessory, for connecting a 2” hose with Bauer type coupling – (TP-0-02-026)
  2. Hose Accessory, 2″ Hose with Bauer type couplings, 5m length (custom sizes available on request) – (HA-0-02-030)
  3. Snorkel Accessory, for attaching a 2” hose to the BlueRinse, creating a closed-loop washout system – (SN-0-02-027)
  4. DribblePot Wheelbarrow – portable filtration for washing small tools, emptying buckets & mortar tubs – (DW-0-01-020)
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