Introducing the latest addition to the BlueRinse family, direct from Australia, is SLURRYTUB

We love the simplicity and elegance of the SLURRYTUB, and this is the first time we have sourced anything that we haven’t designed, specified or manufactured ourselves


SLURRYTUB is a heavy-duty recyclable plastic tub, lined with a biodegradable cellulose paper filter that captures and filters solids from water, leaving visibly clear water to drain within the designated washout areas or be recycled on the job. When dry enough, simply dispose of the waste, along with the biodegradable filter into the work site skip or other approved disposal method.

This is ideal for wheelbarrow washout and for cleaning hand tools keeping the site tidy and reducing the risk of blocking drains or allowing suspended solids to enter a water course.


1 -Place disposable filter into the tub with the flap with the logo at the front over the cut-out area. Secure by placing the reinforced holes in the filter over the cleats in each corner of the tub.

2 -Stand the wheelbarrow up to empty the slurry into the tub, resting the barrow’s lip in the tub cut-out, which supports most barrows handsfree. Take care to avoid tearing the filter.

3 -Allow filtered water to drain safely in washout areas or recycle on the job. Taps and hoses can be connected to the 2 threaded outlets for directing the cleared water. Most of the water should drain within 30-60 minutes depending on the slurry contents.

4 -Dispose of the filter and dried contents into a suitable site skip or other appropriate waste disposal method. Use only one filter per washout.


Please note, the filter on its own does not reduce pH. If this is a concern, please treat the washwater with pH Blue. This can be added to the water prior to washout, poured over the filter or mixed with the runoff as required.

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